Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd. offers a wide range of professional forestry services.
We have proven ourselves over the last 27 plus years to be a reputable forest service and wildfire suppression company.

Apex is dedicated to delivering a high-quality product with our vast years of experience, training, and knowledge.

We hire well trained, physically fit crews who share our hardworking values and work ethic. Our goal is to finish the job to customer satisfaction while holding safety as our number one priority.

We take pride in personally training many of our employees as we are fully qualified to instruct several of the BC Wildfire Service firefighting courses.

Wildfire Suppression Services

Wildfire Suppression

Apex has been providing firefighting crews to the BC Wildfire Service since 1994. Our fire crews are available for Wildland Fire Suppression through the months of early May to late September. Apex fire crews mainly travel throughout BC however we have travelled to Alberta and Ontario.

Apex employs certified, physically fit crews that are led by experienced supervisors. All employees attend an annual mandatory job orientation & fitness test to ensure they are properly educated in safety, policy, procedures and fit to work.

Apex takes pride in being a “Base”  Safe Certified company with the BC Forest Safety Council. We provide our employees with a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Plan which includes our detailed safety company policies and safe work procedures.

Apex has secured two – Type 2 fire crew contracts. We are rated 1st and 2nd on the call out list for the SEFC.  The contracts start the third week of May and end in late Aug, which can be extended into Sept.

Certified Instructor

Wildfire Suppression Training

Doug Harrison is the president of Apex Forest & Wildfire Services with over 29 years of practical experience in the forest industry. Doug is also a certified instructor for several BC Wildfire Service firefighting courses, a QS/T and is currently the lead instructor for the BC Forest Safety Council Faller Supervisor course.

  • S100 Basic Fire Suppression and Fireline Safety.  Included in the S100 are the S130 – Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, S190 – Fireline Safety, S232 Portable Pumps and Water Delivery Systems & WHMIS
  • S185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance
  • S-230 Crew Boss
  • S-235 Burning Off and Backfiring
  • S-212 Fire Communications
  • S-211 Fire Weather
  • S-241 Fire Assessment
  • ICS 100 Introduction to Incident Command Systems
  • ICS 200 Incident Command Systems
  • Safe Chainsaw Operation & Maintenance
  • Safe ATV Operation
Wildfire Suppression Training
Contract Falling / Danger Tree Falling
Qualified Falling Services

Contract and Danger Tree Falling

Apex has provided services for a wide variety of forestry falling contracts. logging, danger tree falling, danger tree coordinator, as well as faller supervision.

Apex holds the following contracts with the BC Wildfire Service.

  • Danger Tree Faller / Danger Tree Assessor

  • Danger Tree Specialist

  • Danger Tree Co-Ordinator

Doug Harrison is currently the lead instructor for the BC Forest Safety Council “Faller Supervisor” course & can act as a Qualified Falling Supervisor for clients that require this service, which meets WorkSafe BC regulation #26.22.1

Harvesting/Silviculture, Parks & Recreation

Danger Tree Assessing

For several years Apex has held a Standing Offer with the BCWS for Danger Tree Assessors and Danger Tree Fallers.

Apex is also required by contract with the BC Wildfire Service to provide 1 certified Wildfire Danger Tree Assessor (DTA) for each 5 person fire crew that we deploy. If you have a valid Wildfire DTA certification you are very valuable to our team and will significantly improve your employment opportunities.

For other Apex forestry related work, we employ DTA’s that are trained with the Danger Tree “Harvesting/Silviculture” & “Parks & Recreation” modules.

Danger Tree Assessing Services
Interface Fuel Management Services
Reduce Hazardous Forest Fuel Build-Up

Interface Fuel Management

Apex has worked on many different Interface Fuel Management projects through the Province of BC over the last 19 years. Interface Fuel Management projects reduce hazardous forest fuel build-up around communities. This reduces the chances that a fire will burn hot, make its way into the tops of the trees or spread quickly through the treated area.

Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd. supply crews and equipment needed to meet all contractual requirements.

Logging Activity Clean Up

Pile Burning and Chipping

Slash is the leftover tree limbs, tops and other residue left by logging activities. Slash piles are disposed of by burning or chipping.

Pile burning: Slash is piled together and burned during safe conditions, usually during the winter after it has been left to season (dry). Burning is generally done during very wet periods or with light snow cover in late fall or early spring.

Pile Chipping: Slash is disposed of without risk of fire hazard and/or smoke concerns. The slash is either hand or machine fed depending on location and density.

Apex has been in charge of many Pile Burning and Chipping projects throughout BC. We supply crews and equipment as required for each contract.

Pile Burning And Chipping Services
Prescribed Burning Services
Help Prevent Wildfires

Prescribed Burning

Apex has been involved with and in charge of several prescribed burns throughout BC. We supply a large portion of the equipment required along with personnel to execute the job.

Prescribed burning, also known as controlled burning or broadcast burning- is a controlled application of fire under specified weather conditions that helps restore the health of fire-adapted environments. This application of fire safely reduces the excessive amounts of slash – brush, trees and shrubs – as well as encouraging the new growth of vegetation. It also helps to maintain the plant and animal species whose habitats depend on periodic fire. Prescribed burning also help to prevent the outbreak and spread of wildfires and cleans the site for planting new trees.

Mountain Pine, Douglas Fir, and Spruce

Fall and Burn

Apex has completed several fall & burn projects. These include:

1. Mountain pine beetle fall & burn

2. Douglas fir bark beetle fall & burn

3. Spruce bark beetle fall & burn

Apex also works in partnership with other companies to perform fall & burn services.

Along with fall & burn, Apex has also completed Douglas fir trap tree falling projects.

Fall And Burn Services

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