Do you need Fire Fighting training?
BC Wildfire Service courses as well as other courses instructed and organized by Apex Forest & Wildfire Services Ltd.

At Apex, we are committed to guiding our students to be equipped with skills necessary to be a Wildland Fire Fighter.

Our training programs are designed to prepare you with both theory based and practical, hands-on training.

We have over 21 years of experience instructing several BCWS training courses, as well as years of Wildfire experience to relate to.

We are here to help you be successful.


In light of the rapidly evolving situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus, including the declaration from the World Health Organization that COVID-19 is now categorized as a global pandemic, Apex is following the direction of the BC PHO, along with the BC Forest Safety Council and recognizes the situation is fluid and we are continuing to monitor the most up-to-date guidance and information as provided by trusted public health authorities.

Health and safety is always a top priority for us. Our duty of care is to ensure we are taking the necessary precautions to help lower the risk for our, employees and their families. We appreciate the continued cooperation and understanding in working together to ensure safety in our community.

If you are an experienced firefighter & interested in a great summer job as an Apex Forest Firefighter and potentially other forestry related work then please apply online with us.

Courses Available
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Courses Available

  1.  S100 & S185 Minimum prerequisite for firefighters. The S100 training includes:  S130 Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, S190 Fireline Safety, S232 Portable Pumps, and Water Delivery Systems & WHMIS 2015

  2. Crew Leader training includes S230 Crew boss, S235 Burning off and Backfiring, S212 Fire Communications, S211 Fire Weather, S241 Fire Assessment and ICS 100.

  3. Safe Chainsaw Handling and Maintenance Training (PSO). This is a non-mandatory firefighting course but can significantly improve your chances of employment.

  4. Light Truck Drivers Training.  This is a great course for any forestry job or everyday life situation.

  5. Safe ATV Operation. This course is a great asset to have in the forest industry.

The following are recommended courses instructed and organized independently from Apex: 

  1. First aid  See links for some ideas on places to receive training.
  2. Danger tree Assessor  * Wildfire Module  See links & directly contact UNBC for more information.
Basic Requirements

S100 and S185 Courses

S-100 Basic fire suppression and fire line safety

Training Dates : Training dates will be posted in January of each year.

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate will demonstrate a basic knowledge of wildland fire suppression organization structure, wildfire behavior, plus suppression and safety procedures. Practical skills with equipment used in BC to effectively and safely respond to wildfires are a mandatory component for initial ticket holders. Successful candidates will receive the S-100 Fire Suppression certificate.

The S-100 is a two day course the first time you take it. This course must be refreshed annually. The refresher  S-100a can easily be done by attending a 4-hour classroom session or even easier if you take it online.

S-100 annual refresher

online at

S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance

Upon completion of the S-185 course, the participant will be able to size up and evaluate potential fire entrapment situations and how to act accordingly to remove themself safely from a potentially risky situation, deploy the necessary resources using safe and efficient strategies and tactics to prevent loss of life.

The S185 is a one-time course that takes approximately 5 hours of instruction.

S100 And S185 Courses

Time and Place

  • Time: registration at 7:45 am, Course runs 8 am to 5 pm …

  • Location: To be determined


  • Cost $325.00 which includes a $100.00 registration deposit.

  • Please ask us about our training incentive program.


  • Instructor Doug Harrison -Apex

Course Cancellation

  • A minimum number of registrations must be received 48 hours before the course date.  If sufficient registration is not met by this date, the course may be canceled.

Withdrawing from a Course

  • If you need to withdraw from a course, please notify Apex by telephone, email, fax or letter. Voicemail is not considered an adequate method of notification.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Registration fee is non-refundable 48 hours after registration.

  • Exceptions to the above policy are made on compassionate grounds. In such cases, a written request for refund (letter or email), must be submitted. Refunds issued in exceptional circumstances may be full or partial refunds either in the method of original payment.

Getting a Refund

  • If Apex cancels a course due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, all registrants will automatically be issued a refund in the manner of original payment or by cheque in the case of cash purchases.

Confirming your Registration

  • You will receive a confirmation of your Registration via email from Apex to let you know that we received and have processed your registration.

Confirming your Course

  • Apex Forest & Wildfire courses require a minimum enrollment to proceed. When minimum enrollment has been met, or approximately 48 hours prior to the course start date, you will receive a Course Confirmation from Apex via email. This message will include course details including times, location, what to bring etc. Please ensure you have provided Apex with an active email address when you register, or a daytime phone number where we can reach you.

Orientation And Fitness Test
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Orientation and Fitness Test

Job Orientation: We require potential employees to attend a job orientation. This is a great day for us to meet, for you to ask questions and for us go over every aspect of the job & our company.

We discuss how we pay, explain standby, fire wages, travel, equipment, marshaling points, safety policies etc. We review the mandatory the OHS.

Fitness test: Firefighting is a physical job which requires a certain level of fitness.

Type 3 : Moderate Capacity fitness test – walk 3.2 km with a 25-pound backpack (30 minutes or less)

Type 2: WFX Test (17.45 min or less). This test is exclusively administered by the BC Wildfire Service

Registration: You need to contact us to register for the Orientation and Fitness test.

Dates: Orientation and Fitness Test

Times and Location:

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Place: To be determined


Type 3:

  • Well, fitting backpack (waist straps are recommended) and additional weight totaling 25 pounds ( Sand works great). Please pre -weigh and evenly distribute the 25 pounds throughout your pack.

  • Clothes & appropriate footwear for the fitness test – suitable for any weather condition.

  • Students, please know your cost of tuition/books for tax forms.

  • Provide your Social insurance number and know your permanent mailing address including the postal code.

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Other Courses



First aid certification is not a prerequisite however for a 5 person crew one must have a valid first aid certification.  Accepted first aid training is an asset. See details below.


  • OFA Level 1 & Transportation endorsement (both are required) or WorkSafeBC equivalent
  • OFA Level 3 or WorkSafebBC equivalent

No other certifications will qualify under the BC Wildfire Service contract. Please see the links below for First aid WorkSafeBC equivalencies

Local applicants: First aid training information with Selkirk College.

Other links for first aid in different locations

This UNBC Course is taught around the Province of BC. It is organized and  instructed by the UNBC. The DTA Wildfire Module is 2 days in length, involving a mix of classroom and field exercises, which would include qualifying exams.

There are different Modules for the Wildlife Danger Tree Assessors certificate. Please ensure you sign up for the WILDLAND FIRE SAFETY MODULE.

Please contact the UNBC Directly to book

Crew Leader training consists of 4 separate courses; Instructor Doug Harrison

  • S-230 Crew Leader
  • S-235 Burning Off and Backfiring
  • S-212 Fire Communications
  • Incident Command Systems (ICS) 100

Once participants have successfully passed all 4 courses they require extensive fire line experience to become an Apex Crew Leader. Apex assigns Crew Leader trainees to an experienced Crew Leader to work in a mentorship program until fully qualified.

This 2-day Chainsaw Course is instructed By Doug Harrison

During the course you will learn:

  • The work environment/surroundings
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Parts & Maintenance of the chainsaw
  • Safe work procedures & safe cutting techniques
  • Legislation, Regulations, & Standards

Day 1:  classroom session:  Review of relevant OH&S Regulations; and hands-on work covering essential saw maintenance, correct chain filing procedures, and safe cutting techniques.

Day 2: Fieldwork: including review, identification of bucking hazards, discussion of binds and practice with cuts;

There will be a written exam as well as a final field examination.

The Course is 1 day in length, involving classroom time, field exercises, and a qualifying evaluation of skills.

ATV Operator training is required under the WorkSafeBC OH&S regulations. This course is designed to teach you to safely, how to properly ride, carrying loads, and operating in remote locations.

This certificate is valid for three years, pending a valid drivers license.

During the workshops you will learn:

  • list protective clothing and gear for operating an ATV
  • understand WorkSafeBC OH&S regulations pertaining to ATV operation
  •  risk management & due diligence
  • load and unload the ATV
  • load and secure loads on the ATV to balance weight.
  • do pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • operate demonstrate safe ATVs riding skills
  •  basic mechanical checks
  •  identify hazards while driving .
  • tow a trailer if that is part of workplace requirements


Prerequisites:  Must have a valid drivers license.

The course covers the safe operation of light trucks and SUVs, on public roads and more specifically on forestry roads. The main goal in this course is to help the driver be fully responsible by stressing the importance of staying focused, using proper operating skills, knowing your driving duties, and understanding resource road conditions as a driver.

During the workshop you will learn ;

  •  Characteristics of forestry roads,
  •  Vehicle dynamics, understanding of design elements and how they affect stability.
  •  driver skill development.

Students will be evaluated & tested on driving skills as well as a written exam.

The WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require employees to receive training and demonstrate competency in operating mobile equipment. A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon successful completion of the training.

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